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Engineering team has a cooldown. Sure you might heal the first volley but the damage does not stop while waiting for Engineering team to cycle again. What about the 2nd, though 15th volley while Eng team is on cooldown? I do over 2k to hull per shot, not per volly. I am not saying it cannot be healed but its not as easy as you make out.
Depending on who you are facing and what ship, engineering team is not the only hull heal out there.

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Almost every single time I have tried that or someone tried it on me it has failed. All you have to do is hit tac team or balance shields and the HTY fails. Anyway BO rarely takes down shields unless it's a crit and sometimes not even then. I have seen it work against some of the smaller ships but not in a reliably constant manner.
Firing off BO2 or 3 and the HY3 quantum combo works very well, if A) You bring down the opponent's shields in the BO attack (Not hard for that to happen unless its a science ship, even then it can happen) and B) You don't keep firing like an idiot so tactical team can revive the loss of the shield quadrant. Not really hard to get around Tactical team if you're somewhat intelligent about what you're doing.

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