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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Ya if you fill them with 2 sci you end up with to little engi tank....

If you fill them with engi you end up really missing those sci heals.

The logical setup is patrol setup... ya the turn and extra speed are nothing to disregard for sure... it really is nice.

I would think most fleets are not very far off unlocking the other 2 fleet version escorts. So we will be seeing them run around shortly.

Honestly saying the fleet version Advanced escort is going to be more squishy then the BUG is crazy time.... I think that ship will be at least on par with the bug... and in the right hands should be a BUG hunter.
yes, since the stats for the fleet mvam escort were released, it looks like another bug tier ship. was PISSED when i read about the 5 tac console, on yet another ship. does a separated section on the MVAM escort turn on par with the bug? i imagine its damn close, or a bit beter.

the fleet defient with a cloak would technically be the best alpha striker, with the decloak damage bonus on top of the 5 consoles. so it can best the bug for initial damage, wile having a movement penalty. as if 17 base can be considered a penalty
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