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08-21-2012, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by rikev View Post
I don't agree with the lock box practice at all and never will.
"My mind is made up and now completely closed no matter how reality changes!" is not really a good way to start a conversation. I don't want everything in a lockbox either, but that doesn't mean all lockboxes are automatically ripoffs.

You can get doffs for starbase projects far cheaper by opening boxes than buying DOFF packs, there are good middle tier rewards like the mirror ships, very rare items drop very extremely often (you can get decent phased tetryon pistols off the exchange for pocket lint). Fleet credit boost drops helped pay for my shiny new ultra-rare gear, of which I already have 3 pieces.

None of those things is a bad payoff for a couple days' dilithium grind.

This is a huge change from the packs of consumables and commodities with a single lobi that made everyone so mad at the previous lockboxes. It's still not perfect, but a massive improvement.