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I'm 95% sure I haven't posted this story here yet, so I'll share it with you.

I flipped to EliteSTF channel to get a team for KASE. In the lobby there seemed to be a disorganized discussion of strategy... whatever. We get into the STF, blow the tac cube and get on with the rest. Now I don't remember how it happened but near the end of finishing the gates I got stuck on left probe duty because the guy doing it ran off.

Enter (verbally) Trolly, my nickname for one person (because I can't say their real name). When the guy on left probes ran off, there was a probe about halfway to the portal. Now since I just got drafted into finishing the probe, I'm scrambling to get my D'kora's DHCs in place. Since the probe was already so far from the gate, I couldn't kill it in time. Luckily the team blows the gates just before the probe enters and we get the optional.

Trolly lets off like an airhorn.

As we move on to Donatra he's screaming about how low my dps was, that I'm such a noob and that I can't even stop a probe. Me and another person (the other two were silent the rest of the matche) are trying to explain to Trolly that once you get the optional it doesn't matter.

He flies away from the scimitar and starts yelling about he didn't even get to need or greed on the loot. He's insulting us and generally trolling about how we can't even get Donatra down. So he finally comes in and helps us defeat the scimitar and we finish.

Later that same day...

I'm back on EliteSTF looking for a team to run another STF. As soon as I say LFG Trolly rears his ugly head and starts saying (if memory serves)

"Voporak is a noob with absolutely no dps whatsoever, you probably don't want him on your team"

I just say that's untrue and to take his spamming elsewhere. A channel admin popps in and quiets him down. Boy, the nerve of some people.
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