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08-21-2012, 03:36 PM
2k per hit sounds good but a eng team 3 can heal a whole volley worth, and cruiser will carry 2 eng or eng + asif + HE1-2. Now if you can smash their crew more power to ya you will wear em down but a single console or aux to damp can negate crewloss and a cruiser will maintain a very high hull regen per min.

Sure you can trigger all my heal cooldowns but thats no diff then me getting alphad hard by anyone else except that most of your torpedo dmg is being negated by the shield even with the shield pen bonus.

Against escorts or sci with weaker hull heals i could see it being somewhat effective except that they will kill you fast and smart ones will avoide your torpedo arcs. People can make any build work but as to how well it works all the time is quite different.

Quantums are reliable dmg, so are photons. Transphasic do reliable dmg with shields up, on hull they are weak. And if your using BO i highly suggest a dual beam bank with x3 crit dmg mods. When it crits itll do major dmg, and even when it doesnt your doing pure energy dmg at for BO3 is about 12-14k directly to shield.

80% of most torpedo dmg is lost on shield impact, none is lost from energy based weapons. Thats what makes the combo so effective, even with 50% shield pen most ships can out run or out heal your dmg, if i saw a massive transphasic volley coming at me id just out run it, swing back and nail ya. Quantums are much harder to outrun.

If anything we have been trying to tell you and the devs that transphasic base dmg needs upped. That results in more dmg through shields and when they are down.

Also as an escort using cannons, beambanks, and torpedos you can use 3 offensive abilities at once + buffs. Tac buffs + Bo3, + HYT3, Beta 1, and CRF vs your transphasic torpedo volley isnt even a contest in potential dmg. Also if you manage your build right and gear you can reduce the effect of weapon energy drain to almost nothing.

And fully buffed my DHC crit for 8k or more basicly a torpedo hit but fire faster and do 100% dmg to shields.

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