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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
dalolorn, I was actually talking to pottsey (I just looked at his name and forgot most of it again ).

pottsey, what ship are you running? Something is definitely not right if you can't get dps out of weapons like that with consoles that good (speaking of which, what weapons did you try? If it's turrets then there's your problem).
I tried all sorts, dual banks, beam arrays, cannons both 180" and 45" ach and still have most in my bank. Just never found a setup that worked for me. The best was beam banks fire at will with torpedo spread. 1 or 2 torpedoes with 2 or 3 beam banks and 2 turrets, 2 mines to keep energy drain low. Worked for PvE failed in PvP

Scatter Volley with x4 180? arc cannons or x3 and x1 180? torpedo with x2 turrets worked well for PvE but failed at PvP. (I like to always keep 2 mines in rear slots)

What do you want to do about meeting in game? I need you @name don?t I?
Ship right now is the Sov+ also used the Tac Oddy and Dkora.