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Originally Posted by criminius View Post
News flash I just put crimson in a cruiser from the jemmy. Guess what? I still did around 700k dmg. Granted it takes abit longer.

Someone pass the cheese to go with the wine/whine.
You in a cruiser. Lol. I gotta see that.

@mewi: haven't tried a patrol yet, but I can tell you when I played with the bug ship for few weeks, I felt I'm back in the bop, but dealing more damage and surviving better. I also had a mkxii purple turn console in it for more fun, I can tell you that ships in evasives flying 90 degrees left or right were so easy to turn after (power to engine was 55 with all bonuses). You can continue firing in them and with an omega, even follow most and keep within firing range. That ship is either overpowered, either superior to any escort, take it as you want it. Not an iwin button definitely, but brings a fair ammount of advantage to the table. Put some lolarons on it and you will love that little sh it. Curiousity, have you tried a bug?
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