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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
CSE cube heavy plasma torps
CSE BoP heavy plasma torps (yes, they do a LOT)
CSE Negh'var isometric charges
ISE cube heavy plasma torps
ISE sphere heavy plasma torps (also do a lot)
ISE gate heayv plasma torps
ISE tactical cube heavy plasma torps
KASE Donatra's scimitar disruptor blast

not agree alot of this thinks cant 1 shot my karfi for example this ship have only 2xarmors and low hull so if i can not be 1 shottet by most of this thinks why you?

can you say what armors you use ?

dronata blast kills me the new iso skill from negh var kills me to 2x one hit but sometimes not for any reason the other thinks are not any prob.

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