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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
It's superior? Yes
iWin? Hell no.

How do I know? I own one.
like i said, and you quoted, it is categorically better then any other escort. its then up to the user to suck in it, or excel. a top tier bug user has no equal.

Originally Posted by criminius View Post
News flash I just put crimson in a cruiser from the jemmy. Guess what? I still did around 700k dmg. Granted it takes abit longer.

Someone pass the cheese to go with the wine/whine.
i can, and have done the same in cruisers. the bug ship deals so much damage because its so talky, and with its turn rate it basically has 100% uptime on its cannons fireing at something. other ships deal less damage because they simply cant match that up time.

Originally Posted by tick0 View Post
dontdrunk and Ghosty will complain until they get one.
oh HEEEEEEEEEEEEEL no. if some on gave me one, i would trash it, just so 1 less exists. its not my policy to pretend something isn't op just because i own or use it. plus i only really have fun in cruisers anymore for some reason.

Originally Posted by tick0 View Post
Not once did I come to the forums in the 6 months or so of not having a Bug to complain about it. Sure, I was annoyed when I came across one in PvP - I was jealous, duh! Yes, it's got better stats than any other escort, but by no means is it an I-Win button - that's entirely up to the person using it. Oh and it's a really ugly ship and why I regularly move back to my Defiant/MVAM and Armitage.

Also, it's a bit late to complain about it. Lockbox ships are here to stay, so complaining about a ship that arrived in December 2011 is pointless. What do you hope to achieve? Do you really think Cryptic will all of a sudden nerf it after almost a year of it being out? So far, the only thing they've done about it is buff it to compensate for the next level of ships - fleet ships. Catch up, people!
at release they had raptor hull and fed escort shields hitpoints, which was overpowered, a normal 4 tactical consoles but also 4 engineering consoles, which was overpowered. and a BOP turn rate, which was overpowered.

it was overpowered, but it wasn't game breaking, yet. then the fleet ships came along and geko made the worst decision he ever made at his time working at cryptic, he buffed it. he buffed the hell out of it. now it has cruiser hit points and shield mod, and a 5th tac console. now its game breaking, well flow bugs ruin every pub match they are a part of by haveing cruiser durability, escort damage and evasion, and bop maneuverability. they can be handled in premades, but theres certanly nothing beter to bring if you bring any escort to one.
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