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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance, at about 5pm PDT, to apply a new update.

  • Fleet Mark Boosts are now available for purchase on Fleet Starbases!
    • Visit your Operations Quartermaster to find the items for sale on your store.
    • These boosts do not need to be provisioned, and are available without running any special unlock projects.
    • Each boost will provide you with a 20% bonus on your Fleet Marks, up to a total of 100 Fleet Marks earned.
      • A minimum of 1 will be awarded in cases where fractions would result.
    • The price per boost is 15,000 Fleet Credits.
      • 5,000 of which you'll make back by donating the bonus Fleet Marks!
  • Updated Polarized Tetryon weapons so they proc as frequently as intended.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the procs on some Phased Tetryon weapons from functioning properly.
  • Fleet Leaderboards now update correctly when players contribute multiple Duty Officers at once.
  • Adjusted the sizing of the career selector window so that the text that accompanies the career is easier to read.