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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
CSE BoP heavy plasma torps (yes, they do a LOT)
ISE sphere heavy plasma torps (also do a lot)
Don't take this question the wrong way, but are you sure you're not have lag or graphical issues or something that might result in you taking more hits than you realise, and it's actually not a 1-hit but a 4-5 in quick succession?

Cos I can reliably say I've never been one shotted by either of those, in any ship (Tac in 3 different Escorts, Eng/Battlecruiser, Eng/Garumba, Sci/Sci, Sci/Kar'Fi). And whilst I'm good at STFs, I'm not exceptionally good. I know at least 20 people better than me. I'm not sure I've even seen a sphere launch a HY Plasma (at least not a targettable one anyway).

I really only get done by Tac cubes, gates and Donatra. Ordinary cubes only get me if I make a mistake or they TB & Torp me whilst my Omega and PH are both on cooldown.

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