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08-21-2012, 04:24 PM
I think people are far overvaluing that 5th tac slot... nice but not game breaking...

Really man jump in one... and compare it to the other escorts... the turn is nice yes... but its really not much more powerful then the other escorts.

I have been known to fly in matches with pretty good bug ships... and when I fly my other escort numbers its not like there doubling my dmg... the guys I fly with that are around my skill level... do right around the same dmg. That 5th console is a light advantage... but its no where close to an IWIN.... and smart piloting trumps turn rate every time.

Is it a better escort... YES... like Tick was saying though a bit late to be complaining about it now. Its not going anywhere... and frankly ALL but one of the New level of fed escorts sport 5 tac consoles... so ya... there is no going back on that one.... Makes me wonder why the heck klink ships don't have any 5 console escort options.