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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
like i said, and you quoted, it is categorically better then any other escort. its then up to the user to suck in it, or excel. a top tier bug user has no equal.
Better =/= iWin

i can, and have done the same in cruisers. the bug ship deals so much damage because its so talky, and with its turn rate it basically has 100% uptime on its cannons fireing at something. other ships deal less damage because they simply cant match that up time.
Anything a bug can have 100% arc on, any other escort can do the same, to be fair.
If you're claiming a bug has 100% uptime of dhc's on another escort is poppycock, I'm sorry to say. Unless the second escort is trying very hard to suck.

well flow bugs ruin every pub match they are a part of by haveing cruiser durability, escort damage and evasion, and bop maneuverability. they can be handled in premades, but theres certanly nothing beter to bring if you bring any escort to one
Well flown anything owns a pug match, what's your point? Chances are that player in a bug would be achieving a similar level of pwn in a fleet escort too.
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