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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
We KDF have been set aside again so Cryptic could focus on more pressing concerns, like endgame, but we where not forgotten or left to die.
Oddly enough rumor from Vegas says we KDF fans are desired to continue our campaign for completion so they changes we desire can be pushed and proven needed to the hihher ups.
Makes me happy to hear this.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I compensate for the Raptors weak turn pivot, not rate mind you but pivot point that makes the nose too slow (meaning that all escorts ingame can turn inside you in a dog fight- a glaring weakness in any escort class vessel) to come to target.
I use twin ApO to get the turn boost up as much as possible or I sacrifice armor for RCS consoles and I always use my impulse engine speed to make for as tight a turn as possible. I even carry Engine batteries to use to get as much turn as possible becuase in a dog fight turning is key to victory.
My complaint about the Raptor is that in all respects it is a copy paste of the Defiant-R and a poorer shadow of the other fed escorts that gains nothing to call its on unique flavor. Not even Cloaking.
If the vessel is not to be a dog fighter or scrapper, with the ability to turn tight and swiftly to keep its opponent always in its sights, then it need to be the Brute or warrior of the line rushing headlong into the face of battle with guns blazzing, ready to come around for another pass to decimate any foes left standing from its first onslaught.
I already experience the need to do wide sweeping turns to get those passes down, especially with the vessels long nose travel. Unfortunately the Raptor does not fall into iether description due to this and is niether scrapper or brute.
If the turn pivot is not to be addressed and one must keep the long nose travel to keep the Raptor different from the fed escort designs then its time the Raptor had a strictly KDF design of mostly forward weapons points.
Give it a 5/2 set-up weapons set-up so the charge it has to make is more inline with how it has to be flown. The slower turning brute to the faster turning fed scrappers. No otehr change would ever be needed.
If that is the case then an analogy like the skies over China in WWII would be appropriate. The P40 Warhawk could not turn with the Zero, but could out run a Zero in a dive. Also the P40 did not have the defensive roll rate of the Zero, but it had the armor in spades.

Take the Defiant as the Zero and go from there to make the slower turning Raptor Chennault's P40. Up armor the Raptor, leave the pivot point and turn rate where they are, increase the Raptor's inertia. Now you can use the punch through, run on, turn back and repeat method that Chennault taught the Flying Tigers to use and a Defiant is supposed to do, while preserving and enhancing the "unique feel" of flying the Raptor.

Sorry just my take on the disparity of the turn rate issue created by the Raptor's pivot point being there to make it feel different to fly than the Defiant.
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