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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
We don't; we keep funding them because it provides another point of focus for the fleet, one that gives a broader cross-section of the membership something to do than some of the other options have. The only payoff we expect is that as the base grows in services it offers, it will be even more of a focus for the fleet socially.

If it's just about "moar points is moar points", why play an MMO at all?

You say you're doing this project for the sake of maintaining busywork for your fleet?

Why would you suggest your fleet members utilize a bar that doesn't allow you to vendor loot at the better than replicator rates? I don't have a bar yet, but this was what was mentioned in this thread earlier. Yes, a bar would be quite nice to have but not at reduced functionality versus the bars on Earth. It needs to be special, superior to what comes for free. All of these projects need to be superior given the inputs demanded to create them. In fact, we should be allowed to create new items as fleet specialties.

The ships also, we should be allowed to make design tweaks for the prices. I'm pretty sure even EVE lets player organizations do that. There should be a point system where we can pick how many weapons/consoles/bo slots are on our ships at a price of hull or speed etc. A formula within which we could have some fun. As it is we must spend a fortune in materials AND real life money for a flat one extra console, a bit more hull.

I want imagination, awe, mysteries of space and the trials and joys of colonizing it -- not to play a sucker. If all the base is happens to be a glorified (cookie-cutter) conference room where you can spend the extra rl money for the ship console, I do need to stop.