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# 10 Tactical Flagship options
08-21-2012, 05:39 PM
Hey there Nova - lots of people have offered lots of good advice - here's what occurred to me...

#1 - Armitage - may seem like an obvious option, but truth is, it would make an excellent flagship for a tactical captain that wants to stay in the front lines. It's probably the most durable escort they've made (with the strongest engineer boff layout and strongest hull of any escort) plus the versatility of the fighters means you have an unprecedented adaptability for an escort (something I usually envision to be important for fleet commanders)

plus, it would still allow you to maximize the potential of your tactical captain as well - all in all, I think it could work, if you wanted it to

that being said, other people have brought up other options that are just as good

#2 - I *personally* use a Sci Oddy as my personal flagship, and I chose it for many of the reasons you created this thread for. I formed a fleet, and wanted a dignified flagship for myself (I still have my Defiant-R for when I want to go hard core escort) that would still be an effective starship overall. The bridge is really command center looking, the ship is nice, big and very safe (which I consider to be another feature important for fleet commanders)

I considered several other ships for my flagship (including the dreadnought and Excelsior-R) but I finally picked the oddy as it seemed to have the most advanced options. The universal tier 3 boff means you can switch gears if you're willing to give up traditional cruiser layout, the inherent sensor scan which may not be much, but is UTTERLY free, the worker bees are a nice, reliable console which you can also give up without much loss if you want something specific, and it's got the best inherent hull and shield stats for a cruiser. That plus the enhanced slipstream drive just makes it an all around winner for me

#3 - the Excelsior-R - I considered this, as I was sorta wanting a more tactically agressive command ship. with the best manuverability amongst cruisers. Ultimately, the somewhat scattered boff layout is what drove me to the oddy - the regent might be a decent alternative, but I'm just not sold on the regent myself

#4 - the Dreadnought - boy, I'd love to have that dreadnought - it's a pretty ship - but the oddy overshot it with better base hull and shield mod, same turn mode, more versatile boff layout and the inherent sensor analysis - still, I imagine the Dreadnought would make a more than suitable flagship if you like...

#5 - heres the weird one - think about the Tuffli Freighter. Yes, it's a freighter - yes, its pretty ugly - but it is by far the most logistically useful ship I've ever seen - I don't have one, but a friend of mine does, and as far as easily accessible amenities, nothing beats it. It's got on board crafting, mail, bank, all those special mission doff's, and more - and it's all on the same deck! Plus, you can drop into any of your other ships when leaving it (not just shuttles) sadly, in some ways, it makes the PERFECT mobile command post - obviously, it's a tad undignified for a traditional fleet commander, but, if it *works* for you, you can certainly use it, and write up whatever RP excuse you think works for you

Like several people have already mentioned, in the end, you can pick whatever *mechanically* ideal ship you like, and then write up your RP background to justify it, so pick the ship you *enjoy* flying, and then work your RP that way - but, if you're bouncing back and forth between several equally enjoyable ships, and just using RP as a way of narrowing the field, those are the above options I'd recommend, and why

Hope you enjoy your choice...