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If you would be unable to hold aggro with 9 ranks in threat control and personally using APD with +500% threat generation (as with Draw Fire) - I would think that it's you who needs a respec and a full rethinking of your BOFFs.

Seriously if you think you need a team of escorts all tossing APD onto you to hold threat, you need a rethink of your build or tactics.

I'm not worried about the incoming damage for me - since I already hold threat on everything around me with a Tac in Cruiser with no issues.

I'm worried about the general playerbase and how they use powers, what they are capable of and the environment they tend to play in (PUG queue) - and from that perspective, tossing threat onto someone else, does not make a whole lot of sense.

I'm concerned with making a proposal that hopefully some dev might see and think makes sense.
i cant hold threat b/c im an engi in an oddy. result? pitiful dps. not my fault- im set up as a tank, and thats what i want to be. not another dps machine. i dont want to have to increase damage to draw aggro- i want to be able to gain aggro w/out sacing my defensive abilities for damage stuff
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