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08-21-2012, 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by spacepenguin121
The way I see it, flying the bug is like running p2w consoles. Like the p2w consoles, its certainly true that lockbox ship are here to stay and nothing will prevent you from using one. Just don't try and pretend they don't offer the advantages that they do or expect people not to call you out on it. There is a reason they command the prices you see them for on the exchange and its not because RPers like the looks so much.
I suspect that you don't have a big ship?

If it's 'certainly true that the lockbox ship are here to stay,' then why not just learn to live with the fact that some people don't have one, some people do...find a way to get rid of the Bug Ship advantages through aspects of your build...then it will be an even playing field for you