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Originally Posted by spacepenguin121 View Post
So its basically the same, but has ~30% better turn and an extra tac console while only being marginally better in all other stats... good thing maneuvering and damage don't make much difference for an escort.

The way I see it, flying the bug is like running p2w consoles. Like the p2w consoles, its certainly true that lockbox ship are here to stay and nothing will prevent you from using one. Just don't try and pretend they don't offer the advantages that they do or expect people not to call you out on it. There is a reason they command the prices you see them for on the exchange and its not because RPers like the looks so much.
Well if you are going to go by that logic then the following ships are also P2W and are pure cheese to run....

The List of ships that follows.... ARE ALL P2W... and I will for now on call anyone I see flying them nooby noob cakes. Don't even pretend these arn't P2W there here to stay so suck it up nancy.

? Fl. Exploration Retrofit
? Fl. Star Cruiser
? Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
? Fl. Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
? FL Odyssey
? Exploration Retrofit
? Dreadnought
? Assault Refit
? Odyssey Operations
? Odyssey Science
? Odyssey Tactical
? Mirror Assault
? Mirror Star
? Advanced Heavy Retrofit
? Escort Retrofit
? Fl. Escort Retrofit
? Aquarius Destroyer
? Fl. Aquarius Destroyer
? Fl. Advanced Escort
? Fl. Patrol Escort
? Fl. Tactical Escort Retrofit
? Fl. Heavy Escort Carrier
? Tactical Retrofit
? Multi-Vector Advanced
? Heavy Carrier
? Science Retrofit
? Fl. Science Retrofit
? Research Retrofit
? Fl. Research Retrofit
? Fl. Reconnaissance
? Fl. Deep Space
? Fl. Advanced Research Retrofit
? Fl. Long Range Retrofit
? Long Range Retrofit
? Atrox Carrier
? Advanced Research Retrofit
? D'Kyr
? Fl. Ning'tao Retrofit
? Hoh'SuS
? Fl. Hoh'SuS
? B'rel Retrofit
? Fl. Qin
? Somraw Retrofit
? Fl. Somraw Retrofit
? K't'Inga Retrofit
? Fl. K't'Inga Retrofit
? Fl. Tor'Kaht Retrofit
? Fleet Negh'Var
? Bortas
? Bortasqu' Command
? Bortasqu' Tactical
? Bortasqu' War
? Vor'cha Retrofit
? Mirror Vor'cha
? Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
? Fl. Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
? Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser Retrofit
? Fl. Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser Retrofit
? Fl. Vo'quv Carrier
? Guramba Siege Destroyer
? Kar'Fi Battle Cruiser
? Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
? Marauder Flight-Deck Cruiser
? Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
? Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser
? Ferengi D'K