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Originally Posted by spacepenguin121 View Post
So its basically the same, but has ~30% better turn and an extra tac console while only being marginally better in all other stats... good thing maneuvering and damage don't make much difference for an escort.

The way I see it, flying the bug is like running p2w consoles. Like the p2w consoles, its certainly true that lockbox ship are here to stay and nothing will prevent you from using one. Just don't try and pretend they don't offer the advantages that they do or expect people not to call you out on it. There is a reason they command the prices you see them for on the exchange and its not because RPers like the looks so much.
Excuse me why I go fly around in my P2W ship that I bought for 120mil, and my P2W weapons and consoles that I bought for 300mil, and my P2W DOFFs that I bought for 160mil :3

Who doesn't pay to win ? A PvE only player?

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