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08-21-2012, 07:54 PM
People have complained about P2W since the 1st C-Store ship. Then more complained w/they ramped up C-Store ship production when the MVAE etc rolled out that holiday season. More complained w/+1 sub tier 5 ships and massive console rollouts. All was prior to F2P. A dev even admitted the initial ships were designed to be better despite the company claims to the opposite when they were 1st released. People have noticed the build in advantages of most of the lotto ships and complained again (since now it's chance based and encourages gambling).

As far as balance goes those who have complained have been correct all along and continue to be so. But, Cryptic has never cared so there's little point asside from creating player gentleman agreements in premade matches/tourneys. As I mentioned before I used to not use plas leech unless others brought their P2W consoles. But, I don't care anymore. Ships, Doffs, Consoles, Boffs are all out of balance.

Still, if Cryptic were to ever can its EP D.S. then perhaps PvP will get the attention it deserves and balance will be important. Currently, they won't even tag on fleet rewards to dilithium PvP rewards. They are trying to kill PvP, they will continue to release broken crap to do so.