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08-21-2012, 09:14 PM
I'd have to agree with what Husanak is saying about the Bug ship. It is good but it is not as OP as many who don't fly one think it is. I'd say the advantage in turning the Bug has over most fed escorts is much smaller then the turning difference between a Raptor and those same fed escorts for example. The extra tac console is relatively new to the bug and was added in response to the new 5 tac console fed escorts which will be showing up soon enough.

There isnt going to be a difference in firepower once those ships show up and the BO layout is really going to end up being the same or very similar. Sure you might have the option of going 2x engineer or 2x science but why would you? It honestly would be a pretty stupid build. So in the end you are left with a minor difference in turning. Again, If anyone should be complaining it should be the KDF escort pilots as they have almost no viable options to choose from. The new Raptor(s) turns like ****, shield modifier is laughable, and has only 4 tac consoles.

At least fedside has viable escort options to choose from and some nasty new fleet refits. KDF side? Well let's just say they are F****D.