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08-21-2012, 09:44 PM
Not to be on anybody's side, but first time I flew the bug was a pve fleet action, to get used to it. Everything in front of cannons was dead in seconds. Then I took it to few pvp pugs, same fate, everything died in secs (while fully buffed). I even happened to be in a good kling pug against a premade, I ended up having the best dps, and keep in mind that I'm not a good escort pilot considering that past months I played the fat butted bortasqu. I tend to oversteer a lot, lol. Now imagine what blackjack or crimson or Husanak or cptH or yoda or aytanhi or you name that great escort pilot can do with it. I looked at the difference between 4 tac consoles and 5. I had mkxi purple tac consoles and dhc mkxi accx3. I don't remember exactly, but with apa, gdf @100%, tt1 and apo1, I had something like 150-250 extra damage per shot. Also not sure if the damage is energy damage (lolaron, disruptor) or just dps. Maybe a bug pilot could kindly take a quick look, I was too lazy to go to shipyard to switch back to the bug just for stats. Anyways, add that there are few shots a sec, in 10 secs you could rack few thousands that could make the difference between 90% hull and respawn. So maybe not an iwin "device" like siphons but definitely a big advantage in the right hands.
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