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Lots of good discussion, hope the devs are reading all this

Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
Maybe I'm missing something simple here, but why would I want to use this as an escort pilot?
Are you saying you run it currently? I haven't seen anyone mention APD as a skill they use on escort builds I've seen. (happy to be proven wrong though)
As far as I know it's a dud ability already as no escorts run it currently (in favor of APB/O) and it requires high tac slots which cruisers don't have but would and could make the most use out of it. Which is why I suggested APD1 should be moved down to an ensign skill pulling the other levels down as well so APD3 is LTC skill.

The only benefit I can see for escorts is the hull resist buff, but for it to work they need to be taking fire (already have aggro) and for the debuff to work their target also has to be firing on them. So it requires having aggro and taking hits from your target(s) to actually start working to its full potential. Something regular escorts probably don't want to be doing. So why not add threat to make it work better? That's why APB is the best for them offence wise (enemy doesn't need to fire on you), or for a balance APO for damage and resist buffs.

APD to me seems a very cruiser/tanky type ability, where one is dishing out (probably AoE) dmg, attracting aggro and taking a pounding.

Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
Tacs putting points in threat already are doing this on their own responsiblity and often enough (when in escorts) they can't take the heat and I'm sorry to say this, but deserve to die.
Well for tac captains yeah, I'm an engy with 4 in threat, but don't want to respec every time I switch to my escort so have to live with it. Can tank an elite tac cube fairly well in my Fleet Scourge. I get and keep aggro rather well as you can imagine. Last night I tanked an elite cube from 100% down to 10% before I blew up.
No one bothered to heal me so was on my own, but if I had one or two friendly heals thrown on me I could've taken it all the way.

I think I might actually try APD1 on my escort (replacing one of my APB1's). I have threat skilled and am single target only focused (CRF and THY skills only), so more than likely my target is hitting me back and only 1 at a time.
APD can work on an escort but it's for a specific build type that I can see (and currently use). A tanking escort basically with an engineer at the helm.

Adding threat to it further aids that cause (you need to have aggro for it to work anyway so why not add threat?), and helps cruisers so no biggy. Adding a threat debuff when applied to others means cruisers can throw it on escorts when they don't need it themselves for a helping threat debuff and resist buff.

Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
So the question remains, why do escorts need an ability that basically renders the cruisers ability to generate threat useless? I know I can take APDelta1 and 2 for cruisers, but still the highest level would remain exclusive for escorts and also would prevent quite some cruisers from generating AoE threat (replacing FaW with APDelta).
I'm no tac captain and only fly escorts occasionally for fun. But let me reverse that question, why do escorts run with it now, compared to say APO?

To me, for a skill that requires aggro to start working for you, adding threat would just mean it works fully more often and reliably.
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