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Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
Maybe I'm missing something simple here, but why would I want to use this as an escort pilot?
Maybe you wouldn't.

Maybe some would.

APD is available to any ship with at least a Lt Tactical slot.

Someone who has a Sci or Eng in an Escort who rarely generates a ton of threat and does not have threat control might want a power like APD to let them help an ally out of a rough spot.

Whether they are in a Sci ship, Escort, Cruiser or Carrier.

Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
The only ships with commander tac slots and thus capable of using APDelta3, why would they want to increase their own threat level?
Honestly, I would like APD to stay as is with the threat generation component being say +500% and standard across all versions.

This would make your concern above a non-issue as a Cruiser would still have access to the highest available threat - just not the highest available Dam Debuff/Resistance Buff.

Outside of some PvP builds why would an Escort really want any version of APD now anyway?

For PvE (the scope of this thread) APB is completely superior and taking APD 3 on an Escort for PvE right now, instead of APB 3, CRF 3 or APO 3 is just a mistake.

That being said, if the devs had the tech to move APD down a notch so it would be Ensign > Lt > Ltc - that would be fine with me.

Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
At the moment Eng/Cruisers with 9 points in Threat can easily hold aggro as long as there is no Tac with Threat.
This is just not true unfortunately.

I've even said what you've said, but the fact is there are times you simply can't pull threat due to a number of things: for example the escort got there first and opened up with all their buffs.

Outside of an activatable power, it's incredibly unlikely that an Eng/Cruiser will pull threat once they are already behind in threat generation on any specific enemy.

Also keep in mind nothing stops an escort pilot from taking threat now and there are PvPers who in fact do this for the resist buffs because they can handle the increased threat.

So I don't see APD causing the conflict you are discussing.

Threat is thematically tactical in this game across ground and space, APD having threat generation is both practical as well as thematic. It also has very similar design to Draw Fire without the actual threat component.

Something I'd love to see added.

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