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# 3254 Additional Starbase Unlocks
08-21-2012, 09:18 PM
Short Term: Dmg x 3 weapons for ground with a choice of additional proc for Tier 2 starbase fleet weapons - good! Dmg x 3 plus choice of 1 additional proc for space weapons..., no. Maybe they didn't realize, but [Acc] is the proc that means the most. Need more options than just [Dmg]x3. We worked hard to unlock those space weapons..., and they're better than Borg Mk XII's, but not remotely ideal for PvP. The Defense stat is just too strong. Even with the Accurate trait and [Acc]x1 proc weapons still miss often.

Midterm: Increased fleet credit reward for turning in duty officers. They're way too expensive on the exchange. I can guarantee that I've spent far more than most in my own personal resources trying to send off fleet base projects that are only waiting in que because no one was willing to spend 10 million EC on common duty officers that reward them with 150 fleet credit per officer. Lets face it, they're all making millions of EC selling them instead of turning them into the fleet base because the reward in fleet credits for using those duty officers to build a fleet base is despicably disproportionate. My complaint is that I have done more for my fleet in purchases than almost anyone else. I'm bleeding EC..., and yet I have few fleet credits to show for it.

Long Term: Fleet consoles that unlock at Tier V. They don't have to be better than MK XII Very Rares. They can be just that, MK XII very rares. I'm sure you can figure out a way for those consoles to be expensive enough to be rare amongst players when purchased from the fleet base. Tier V science unlocks MK XII Very Rare science consoles..., Tier V engineer..., well you get the point. You could even incorporate a fleet base crafting element to it as well so it's not as easy as just acquiring the proper provisions through fleet projects. It would cost a provision to make, but a character would still need enough crafting xp..., to go out and acquire the resources from all corners of the galaxy..., etc. That's all just details. The main point being..., fleet consoles. Think about it. It would be great.