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08-21-2012, 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
Honestly, I'm swimming in so much borg salvage that I wish you could trade it for EDCs or doffs. I've been feeding it to the vastly overpriced dilithium box store because I'm running out of room to put the stuff. I've got two XII space sets (omega and maco) on my main, and an extra maco shield for another ship- AND two more prototype shield techs sitting in the bank.

On my KDF I have 2/3rds of the XII honor guard set, and just earlier today I spent 5 rare borg shield techs on dilithium.
Thanks for rubbing it in.

I can't even get ANY of the X set. I'm not even talking about the XI or XII sets, but the X freakin set stuff.

Put it this way, I usually get my def, eng and shield first.....well, I've gotten enough EDC's to get ALL my weapons up to X level. Yet, not one single rare OR common tech token. NOT A FREGGIN ONE.

Bad luck is one thing, but I for one do NOT believe in streaks of bad luck like this. It's pure BS and the drop rate was nerfed a LOT by Crypalled in the hopes of getting us to spend more money.

I play to have fun. Grinding is NOT fun. I do not and WILL NOT spend money on a grind game. If Crypalled thinks this will generate more income, think again, all they're gonna do is piss people off more.