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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[list][*]Fleet Mark Boosts are now available for purchase on Fleet Starbases!
  • Visit your Operations Quartermaster to find the items for sale on your store.
  • These boosts do not need to be provisioned, and are available without running any special unlock projects.
  • Each boost will provide you with a 20% bonus on your Fleet Marks, up to a total of 100 Fleet Marks earned.
    • A minimum of 1 will be awarded in cases where fractions would result.
  • The price per boost is 15,000 Fleet Credits.
    • 5,000 of which you'll make back by donating the bonus Fleet Marks!

So essentially 10k fleets creds for 100 marks. Interesting.

This should further aid smaller fleets nicely. Small numbers of players with lots of fleet creds but low on marks.

Along with the fleet doffs that's two of the major resourcing issues dealt with for smaller fleets. Now, if we can just have something done about dilithium amounts and other commodities amounts...
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