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08-21-2012, 10:21 PM
The random number generator is just that...random. You have exactly the same chance at that rare drop the first time your run an STF or the 1000th time your run the same STF. I'd had all sorts of dry spells and monsoons in terms of drops. I've had a rare shield on one STF and a rare engine drop the very next STF I ran. I've run 119 (normal) STFs in a row and not gotten any common or rare drop. I had purchased a shield and defectors during that dry run and guess what I got on that 120 run? A rare Engine Drop. ARG!!!!! Murphy just rubbing my face in it. And on one character I've gotten engine (4) and shield (3) drops (both rare and common) but nary a deflector drop. Such is the way of the luck gods.