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Originally Posted by heronfarm View Post
Back to the OP, if you're still following Mewi...

A couple of people have pointed out the synergy of the Fleet Patrol Escort and Attack Ships. The Bug ship captains I've played against have all used a Fleet Patrol BOF layout, as husanakx suggested as being the logical setup. In a PVP setting I couldn't imagine too many people deviating from this proscribed setup and then generally it would be in specific premade instances.

So with that conclusion made you are comparing like with like, though the attack ship has the edge in raw turning which is what PVPers tend to salivate or grind their teeth over. The hull and shield strength doesn't play into the equation for me given the style of play most PVP matches take (I.E. 4-5 ships targeting 1 opponent ship; in these cases a few thousand hull points aren't going to save you, nor your turning prowess, but that extend shield and heals from your buddies might).

Let's face it though if you both know what you're doing 1v1 = stalemate unless you're willing to hang around for a very protracted fight. Doesn't matter what you're flying (T4+), unless of course you get a mother load of crit luck or are cooking the books with a impenetrable M.A.C.O. shield, nasty power drones etc.

Attack ships don't kill people, people kill people.
Well my favorite part is the endless stream of PvPers ( mostly BoPs ) saying the reason why I tank them is because of my Attack Ship, despite the obvious that I can tank ( if not more ) in a Fleet Patrol Escort lol.

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