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08-22-2012, 12:05 AM
There is a youtube Video called the Wonders and Blunders of Wander.

While this is specifically about Wander the duration, Idle duration, weight etc which are shared across different segments are the same.

I'll give a brief overview of each 'action' here.

Idle - This is considered the 'default' action when the character is not doing anything else it 'idles'.

Chat - This allows the NPC to have 'ambient chat' a line of text that is repeated every time the chat action starts. This may or may not involve a character animation. If it doesn't normal idle animation is run.

Wander - This NPC just blindly wanders about the map according to the Wander properties explained in the video. Wander does not let an NPC move along a preset path.

Jobs - There may be objects or consoles that have jobs markers hooked up. NPCs on jobs will automatically find a nearby job activated console and type away at it.