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# 1 Star Cruiser Build
08-22-2012, 12:10 AM
After all the negative towards Tanking, And I myself being one of the Whiners.
I decided to Just go for it and have fun. And so far have not been a hinderance to any STF I joined.
And at least on Infected Space, Its just cool to help get Generators to 10%, Sit above the Transformer and Fire at will. Pop em all together.
I run 3 toons, Wanted them all to play Different, Was bugging me I had all 3 in an Escort.
So now got a Tac in an Escort, Eng in a Cruiser, Klink Eng in a Karfi Carrier.

Engineer Carrer

Fleet Star Cruiser.

Fore: 3 Phaser Arrays, 1 DBB Phaser Array
Aft: 4 Phaser Arrays

Maco Def MX XII
Borg Engine
Maco Shield MK XII

Eng, Borg Uni, PDS Uni, 2 X Nuetronium Mk XI
Sci, Vent Theta Uni, Particle Gen Mk XI, 2 X Field Gens Mk XI
Tac, 2 X Phaser Relays MK XI


Tac: Tac Team, Fire at Will II
Eng: EPTW 1, AuxTSIField 1, EPTS 3, Eject WP 3
Eng: EPTW 1, RSP, EPTS 3
Sci: Pol Hull, Hazzard II
Sci: Tractor I

Doffs, 3 Tac Team Doffs (Global Tac CD)
1 Energy Weapons Officer, 1 Nurse

The point is to try and hold them still,
Use Evasive, Coat them in Warp Plasma and flip broadside, Or Vent Theta, Repeat.
I loved doing this in the early days then lost my way in a quest for more DPS! lol
Grounded my gear with the Defiant, And now back to having fun as a pure tank,
And doing the best DPS I could outta my favorite ship, the Star Cruiser.
But, I'm a tank first and foremost.

To me the Fleet Star Cruiser, with the Nomad Nacels and Hull. And whatever option raised the Nacells up. Looks Badass.

When looking at the combat log is the parenthisis the actual damage you do?

[Combat (Self)] officer Warp Plasma deals 1252 (708) Plasma Damage(Critical) to Tactical Cube with Warp Plasma.

[Combat (Self)] Your Phaser Array deals 1145 (791) Phaser Damage to Tactical Cube.

[Combat (Self)] officer Warp Plasma deals 1225 (693) Plasma Damage(Critical) to Tactical Cube with Warp Plasma.

[Combat (Self)] Your Phaser Array dealt 1737 (2710) shield damage to Tactical Cube.

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