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Thank you!

I come up with a name, set up the traits, skills, team, and ship. The story either comes, or it doesn't. I certainly didn't expect this one.

Captains all have a story. What's yours?

Bu'Garr: Self Liberated Borg

T'eng son of Raf recovered quickly once the control nanites were neutralized. It was decided by the surgeon that it was best to leave the scope that resided where his left eye used to be. T'eng was pleased with this decision as it made his accuracy in battle, (whether with a bat'leth, or at the helm of a To'duj) a legend in the academy. It was wondered if the technology on his face would dishonor him. Not only did it not dishonor him, it was a trophy to his honor and victory over technology under which lesser warriors lost their very selves.

T'eng, for one assimilated and liberated from that honorless collective, could be rather engaging and persuasive. He could also calculate his movements so that during the same time he is disarming an opponent with his words, he was able to unleash a crippling attach which left his opponent helpless and defeated. It was said that T'eng was a torpedo negotiator. This epithet stuck because T'eng's diplomatic words were always followed by what amounted to a high yield explosion.

No one is sure who coined the name, but the etymology seems to derive from the combination of baH and ghar into a proper name. Ever since the assimilation,T'eng never felt like his old self, nor could he rekindle ties to the family to which he was born. Certainly he wanted nothing to do with his designation as 16 of 128. He rather enjoyed being the torpedo (baH) negotiator (ghar). Having come into his power and purpose, going forward T'eng is no more, and Bu'Garr begins his journey forward, to conflicts unimagined, as the future of the quadrant hangs in the balance. In other words.... it's just another day. But what a glorious day!

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