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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
You have never gotten one shotted by the infamous invisa torps, but you are posting in the legendary 'stf horror story' thread?
In fairness, I'm very rarely 1-shotted in my Kar'fi too... whereas on a Fed Escort it's far more common.

The trick isn't any extra Hull or shields though - it's power drain.

Klingon-side, most people are at least using Plasmonic Leech, and when I attack a cube on my Kar'fi I'll also drop an Aceton Assimilator. The combined power drain from those two sources can lower the weapons energy power of any PVE foe so much that its beams just tickle you and the only real threat is its torpedos...

Then you have the Kar'fis Commander level Science Slot, which usually houses at least one copy of Gravity Well or Tykens Rift or TBR or PSW, all of which negate Heavy Torps. (And Tykens also adds even more power drain - to the point at which you'll see an Elite Tac Cubes' shields dropping quite regularly)

So if Beams are negated, and Heavy Torps are negated, that leaves regular torps - which outside of a very lucky crit can be handled via resistance buffs (Aux2SIF, HE, etc) and armor consoles (Neutronium/Monotanium, etc).

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