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08-22-2012, 04:29 AM
Whatever still the ship is OP with or without lt com tactical. It got 3 tac it wont miss the lt commander it already got plenty of tac slots and lt commander egninner. I am telling you the ship is op but i dont ask to nerf it cause fed kids will cry out i just ask to give us kdf excactly the same ship so we can stand up somehow in fight and when it tractor us we can tracor back.

I dont rly want an anti carrier vessel i just want the same escort carrier with the same bloody pet just with the different cool KDF look.

Thats all plz give and take my money or keep ignoring klingon demands and loose a lot of customers over time. If klingon dies then federation wont have an decent enemy to pvp with.
Yeah we are here to entertain ur precious federation kids and we are doing more with less.

Last time i say this:

We need a GOOD raptor/destoryer carrier that got 1 hangar bay and we need also those tractor pets nothing else can make this up for that ship federation got.

I dont believe it that all the KDF havent notice how much powerfull the federation escort carrier is

Also i dont believe how greedy is PWE for letting so much powerfull ship to hit the holodeck.

Dont be greedy cause eventually u will loose all.

Either nerf the bloody pets or the ship or both or give us the same ship with same pets

Listen to me and win dont listen to me and destroy balance between 2 factions and eventually destroy this fine game cause of greed!