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Originally Posted by thibash View Post
The original poster claimed the Armitage has BOTH an Lt commander tactical and engineering slot. I don't see how replacing a Lt commander slot with a Lt and an Ensign slot makes the ship even better. Especially considering the many players who complain that 'the third ensign slot is useless on a cannon boat'.
I know what the original post said, however, think how much tankier the armitage gets with a Lc engi. You can swap an eps3 in it, aux to id if you want faster turns or aux to struct if you want hull heal and damage resistance. Agree, this comes at the expense of either dps (if you want 2 omegas then you need to use 2 crf 1) either mobility (using crf 3 will leave you with an omega or if you want crf 2 and 3 no omega at all, but other than being tractored, aux to id is also great for mobility and Anti-move debuff).

So, it may change the play style for some people, but there are work arounds, and definitely the Lc engi makes the ship tougher. I would not say the Lc engi is useless, whoever says that should either get another ship, either adapt to the bo layout armitage has. You can also slot some turn consoles in it, since there is plenty space (engi console slots), lol, and you also turn like a king, lol. Armitage is a pretty tough ship in the right hands.

Edit: or, you can also put a dem2 in the Lc engi slot, and as a tac cpt, that's pretty good hull damage bonus increase when you buff it with apa and/or gdf and/or attack patterns.
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