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Greetings Shadowcats!

This message is primarily for the new members, but there's also some news for older members too, so read on!

First of all, new members please press Esc, go to Chat Settings, Channels tab and type in "CatPhone", then click join... This is a global chat channel you can use to stay in touch no matter which character or server you're playing on.

Secondly, if you open up the fleet UI window and go to the Information tab, then click the Website link your browser will open up and take you to our forum thread, which has a lot of info for you to read about our fleet and allows you to stay in touch out of game.

Many of you who have joined are still at Rank 1 (Shadowcat Initiate), in order to be promoted you need to be active in the fleet for at least seven days. Feel free to send @Alecto in game mail if you beleieve you're due promotion and include which specialist rank you feel would best suite you, your options are Crafting, Ground, RP or Space.

This coming Friday and every following Friday at 10PM BST/9PM UTC (2PM PDT) I will be hosting a fleet party, in which we get together to socialise and have pictures (screenshots/video) taken. We'll meet up at the same location every week, which will be our fleet starbase (the Shadowcat Lair) and then decide where to go from there. If for any reason I can not make it I will do my best to notify all of you, and perhaps have someone else take over. Should someone else wish to host a similar event at a different day/time please feel free to do so, you can organise your event via the CatPhone channel.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, again please feel free to convey those via the CatPhone channel.


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Sounds fun.
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