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08-22-2012, 06:11 AM
From the June Ask Cryptic:

Dstahl: Well that depends on what you define as ?major?. In Season 6 we are making a massive overhaul of the underlying code that makes the Foundry work, but my expectation is that players are not going to deem this as a ?major? change.
You fall into the group Dstahl Predicted. And there are a lot of us that don't. If you are getting mad about this, and think the most Dev Contact and the most painless season transfer we've had to date is a "#### you customer scum" attitude, then perhaps you are right and may benefit from a break.

Things are different, but that's because they are still working on it and adding things. Did it ever occur to you the reason snap to grid is on by default is that it's for the individual room construction maps that were just previewed for the Neverwinter Foundry? We're now at the same base coding level as that system after all, those features may be soon to come.

But then again, someone just said in a nice voice; "Relax, there is no problem here," and your response was "I don't care, I'm making it a problem anyways."