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08-22-2012, 06:12 AM
Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
Hmmm, maybe we are building our cruisers in a different way, but as long as tacs do not have threat I usually catch up pretty easy in threat.
It tends to depend on the situation.

Sometimes you can catch up (firing on the ISE gate at point blank range), sometimes the enemy dies before that happens and sometimes the allied Escort takes a borg torp at half health and is vaporized.

Basically APD would be a threat spike to help yank threat much faster.

None of the negative situations above are really game breaking, even a friendly dying is not a big deal with the way death "penalty" (I use the term lightly) - but there is still room in this game for an active threat mechanic
for space combat (IMO, anyway).

Full Disclosure: I'm something of a perfectionist, I really dislike when an allied ship dies while I'm tanking in something so rote as Elite STFs or Fleet Events - even if ultimately the impact is minimal on the final outcome.