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08-22-2012, 07:11 AM
Well, HE, Yeah I planned on Switching a Tractor for it.....if it became a problem. But when my Tac can tank in an escort I didnt want to over tank.

Same goes for Aux to Damp instead of RSP. I played 8+ ESTF's yesterday and only died once, and at that moment have no Idea what killed me, I was insta popped. The rest of the time I never had need of Hazard or RSP. That goes for holding the Gate and Tac Cubes Agrro.

Wish there was better things to add, I may add DEM, but never saw it do much in the past. Which is why I wanted EWP, try to have more fun in a cruiser. I Used to run AuxTSIField 3, Really wish they'd add more Skills at Comander level. Odd theres really not many choices.

Thanks for the Info on Doffs, Doffs are one thing I havent kept up on. Id like to get Fire at will more cycles. I'll go check that out.