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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
You have never gotten one shotted by the infamous invisa torps, but you are posting in the legendary 'stf horror story' thread?
i got shotet in my first 2 stfs days befor i get khg shild longer nobody need to have best ingame shild and die with that is not possible i think.

and this invis torpedos never seen or they hit me always with not importend dmg i never got higher plasma dot then ~400, armors ftw lol

only from dronata blast skill i can die with the fragile karfi or this isometric... or if i have alot of luck in a cure mission that says a no dps team than happens the funny think after first cube kill 2 sides 3x raptors start if they come to middle they kill anythink if i get agro ~3-4+ raptors my khg shild also not more helps the attak power from the raptors is to great so i dieeeeeeeee.

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