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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Sure they get dropped, but remember, and this was said by the devs themselves (I can't find the quoted post): The lockboxes do not and will not take the place of regular loot.

Lockboxes operate on their own, separate loot table that exists independent of your regular drops. You are gaining lockboxes, not losing loot.
Please don't get me wrong... I don't mind them in the least. In fact, I do like opening them on occasion and seeing what's inside. Feels like Xmas.

If I get something I don't like or need, I'll usually sell it on the exchange. I really want the DOFFs and point increases. Lobi's... eh I can take them or leave em.

Tholian ships, do not want them. Galor, Ferengi marauder, do want either.

That's just my outlook on them...