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Originally Posted by malevoljak View Post
Couple of questions about the game:

1. Do skills have a cap and can equipment increase your skill beyond 99? For example, if I already have Starship Shield Emitters at 99, will equipping a Aegis Deflector make this 114.2? If yes, how high is the cap?

2. When does Cryptic have sales and does it apply to silver players as well? The Wiki says during holidays but it doesn't mention which holidays have been chosen before as sale dates.

3. Where can I find K'Vex? (The guy that gives the KDF sortie missions.)
1. Yes and No, skills do have a cap, when spending skill points spend up till three into the yellow then spend reaming points as needed once you have got your tree setup how you like (the total you can spend will be at the bottom of the window), the calculation of skills is explained here

2. Sales in the Z-store (formally C-store) are on a month to month bases depending on whats been put up.

3. Lt. Commander K'vex can be found by hitting your Hail KDF button and looking under available missions which are listed here: er+K\%27vex
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