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08-22-2012, 09:28 AM
Just finished a rather horrible KASE:
Say "Hi" like I normally do, no response which isn't unusual these days.
Cube and two sphere's go down pretty quick, so I think it will be a pretty good run. Boy was I wrong.
We all fly to the left side, take out the cube pretty quickly, but when it pops, I notice that Nanite Sphere's are already headed our way
I ask who doesn't know about the 10% rule, and one person says "you never called 10% rule at the beginning"
Really? You have to call 10% at the beginning? In ELITE?! I just facepalmed
Takes about 5 minutes before we can even begin to shoot the transformer because everyone else is playing with the regular spheres and getting killed, while I'm trying to mop up the nanite spheres.
Then I notice my one of my nightmares...EVERYONE but me has ship injuries, again, i facepalmed.
Asked if anyone knew how to fix there injuries, and 10% guy said "yea, thats why i've got these worker bees flying around" I then explain to him about Crit/Maj/Min Components for his ship, trying to be nice and everything.
That was a mistake in itself. Started rambling about its a new ship, he has a Tac Retro, and he forgot to put on his MACO crap. I just rolled my eyes.
Anyway, finally get the transformer down, and make it over to the right side. Things get even worse.
I'm shooting the cube, and everyone else is dying. They respawn and go back to helping with the cube, or so I thought, another person decided to take on the gens.
We pop the Cube, and about that time the gen blows and out come the nanite spheres...again.
So the four go after them while I decide to just take out the rest of the generators, I mean, can't get worse than it already is.
Well, all four died....again. Respawn'd....and died yet again. Look at all their injuries, and just couldn't believe it.
Get all the gens down, then start working on the nanite spheres, get a couple blown up, and realize that its just me. Everyone has died so many times that they're "stuck" in respawn hell.
Get all but one taken care of by the time they all respawn, they come back, start shooting the transformer. I get the last sphere taken care of and also start taking down the transformer. It blows, finally.
We're almost done. Or not. Get to work on the gate, and two people go after the tac cube. With all their injuries it was like hitting an elephant with a pebble. Needless to say, they died, again. And so did the two shooting the gate, because they got to close. The gate took forever with them being in constant Respawn Hell (3+min or whatever they were up to at that point) Eventually I got the gate popped, and then went after the tac cube. Again, everyone died...3 or 4 maybe 5 times by the time the cube was destroyed.
I'd have to say that was THE worst STF I've ever been in