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08-22-2012, 10:56 AM
Well, for my part, I replied to the PWE Tech Support email I received last night and told them it was still no dice on a solution. I also posted a link to this thread, in my reply. Thankfully I'm still able to contact them via my personal email account's 'reply' function, 'cause I couldn't directly access their support page login yesterday.

I would encourage everyone in this thread to file support tickets and keep hammering away with replies, until this matter gets resolved.

My pal, who's been able to connect properly is out running chores right now. Yet, when he gets back, we're going to thoroughly compare system, browser and network settings. And I'm going to match every single one of my settings to his. At least that should eliminate the possibility of this issue being rooted in our respective systems and their settings.

I'll keep checking back here, until my pal and I do our thing and I'll report any findings, once we've done all that.
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