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08-22-2012, 10:57 AM
The drop rate is awful for all STFs. I've been trying to grind just to get my MACO XI shield on my VA for the last month and a half. I have everything else XI on the ship but need the damn shield for the set bonus. It doesn't help that no matter how good your PuG is on Infected, no one ever seems to remember how to take down the generators w/o failing the optional for more loot. The sad thing is I already have a full set of Mk XII weapons just from grinding ECs and buying them off the exchange, the only reason I'd need to run Elites is for the Mk XII Shield/Engines/Deflector. Honestly the more I think about the less it's worth it to even try. I got bored with my 50 and started leveling my other two captains but then realized once I get to 50 it's going to be the same stupid grind. STO needs an injection of creative end game content, that is for sure, because this STF grind is going to get old fast.

Also I don't understand why they even have a "greed" button on loot rolls, some lvl 50 VA is always going "Need" on some crap Mk X gear just to sell on the exchange. I don't think I've won one "greed" roll yet.