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So now my question is what can I do that will improve my warp speed in sector space that will not just disappear after I log out for the night?
Slotting an Astrometrics Scientist duty officer in active space duty will lower your recharge time on transwarp. Very Rare (purple) +200% Cooldown Rate; Rare (blue) +150% Cooldown Rate

Although not 'permanent', Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party buffs stack, so they are well worth the effort and kindness of other players. Usually about 15-20 minutes before the tour starts, folks head to Wolf 359 and trade DI and RP, so it's worth it to plan ahead and watch zone chat for which instance. Also worth noting, countdown on DI and RP does not happen when you're on a ground map, so you can get the buffs early and beam down to ESD or SFA, or before you log out the day before, and they will be there for you when you transport back to the ship.

Another temporary buff is to do the Engineering Duty Officer assignment "Perform Antimatter Containment Leak Drills", which buffs your driver coil skill on a critical success. It's a personal assignment - will be on the personal tab or under the Engineering Department Head list. There are other engineering DOff assignments that will buff various things like warp core potential & efficiency on critical success, just read the descriptions to evaluate whether they'd be useful for you.
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