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# 26 Not a fan of this idea AT ALL
08-22-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
That's working as intended.
Hmm - this is a REALLY REALLY bad idea, then. I'm willing accept that the availability of White level Doffs is intended to be a major gate-keeper on fleet star bases. I mean, I disagree with it, but I can accept that it is intended. But I cannot imagine a world in which it is a good idea to allow DOFFs that can't be used in fleet projects to be sold on the exchange with no label etc. Really, this is the kind of change that NEEDS to be documented clearly on the item in question - consider the frustration people already feel when they buy Klingon DOFFs and find that they can't use them on Fed assignments (Trust me, that STILL happens to people!).

Now imagine how frustrating it is when you buy a DOFF that you can't use for fleet projects, but there is no indication ANYWHERE as to why that's the case. You can't even use the active roster powers as a guide, since (I assume) DOFFs from the reinforcements packs still work, so you have no solid way of knowing if the power is from that or the fleet store. Unless the expectation is that we will memorize all the possible names for the fleet officers, there needs to be a great deal of UI work done to make it clear which DOFFs are and are not acceptable for Star bases before this change goes live.