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08-22-2012, 12:34 PM
I understand the reason for the punishment system been created, but I believe it should not be applied to every case.
An example that just happened to me: from the other four players, one of them was already AFK early on. Another was running like crazy against the Borg (and dying all the time) ... when he got tired, he abandoned the STF.
With that, another decided to leave too.
Two players can't complete a STF, so we had to leave.

How can it be fair to punish those who actually want to play, if other players abandon the mission?

What should we do? Wait until other players decide to show up? How much time waiting and not really playing I would have to waste?

Now, I get 1 hour punishment because other player decided to leave. No matter how we see this, but it is just not fair.

Now, about mixing veterans with noobs, I know that some times it's frustrating, when the noobs will learn? Even if they know what to do, without a better player, many will not complete a SFT. In that case, STF missions would be played only by veterans.
I'm not a noob anymore, but i'm not well equipped enough to carry a STF mission on my back yet. So i should just stop playing STF missions?
We have all been noobs before. Don't punish the new players just because they are noobs.

English is not my first language, sorry about the mistakes. But i guess that everybody can understand what i'm saying.

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