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Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
Does the Personnel Officer on the Starbase function as Ferra/Stass? Or are the random doffs bought with Fleet Credits unable to be contributed?
he sells random common doffs for 500 fleet creds a pop. You can buy uncommon/rare/very rare at higher base tiers. You can also unlock buying particular doff fields (sci/tac/ops).

So far, the only useful applictionI have found for this functionality has been spending fleet creds buying "random" common doffs hoping to get sensor/security officers. Bought over 800 doffs and goten 4 secutiry and 0 sensor doffs.

So already, the usefulness of this guy was questionable, but now not being able to dismiss for recruitment xp or even to use the Doffs you buy from him in fleet projects makes his presence pretty much pointless for a lot of players.